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Yes, if you love to code, you’re family already! Come join the cult and open yourself to a whole new world of technological bliss.

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About Us

We’re designers, developers, strategists, basically coding maniacs. We’re funny, innovative, presumably procrastinators and mostly awkward dancers. Yes, we’re Zigbee OUTR, a dynamic developers and coding community, aimed at raising the bar of the coding culture in and around us. We’re here by the students and we’re here for the students, with our base located in the premises of the Odisha University of Technology and Research, Bhubaneswar.

A lot can happen over coffee, right?

One fine winter afternoon, a clump of mates casually chilling over some delicious coffee, random (but mostly funny) discussions, and that’s how Zigbee OUTR came into being! Originally established as a college’s development club for the Department of Computer Science and Applications, we’ve had a very humble beginning, with the first team consisting of only about ten members.

zigbee hero
zigbee hero

To Infinity and Beyond!

There was just one goal, one motto and one vision in the minds of the founding team, and that was to converge and propel all those brilliantly sharp, witty and creative minds, who, at some point of time went adrift in this vast technological desert, into one big family. Today Zigbee is heading goalwards with full throttle towards the zenith. Yes, we will only continue to grow in this endeavor to assist and promote students to explore and witness new horizons and make them realize their full potential in the field of development and open-source contribution.


Dept. of CSA, OUTR, Bhubaneswar.

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